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Industry Leaders Trust Verosint

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Results in the first 90 days:

65% reduction in fraud cases

Saved over 25,000 labor hours

“The capabilities we’ve gained using Verosint have been very eye-opening. They allow us to see trends, risk signals and fraud clusters across massive volumes of daily event data.”

Calvin Lockleer - DAT Freight & Analytics
Calvin Locklear
Enterprise Solutions Product Manager, DAT Freight & Analytics
Problems we solve

The Growing Account Fraud Crisis

We stop account and platform fraud attacks, including account takeover (ATO), account opening fraud, fraudulent account scams, impersonations, collusions, transactions, and other online Terms of Service violations.
Annual Account Fraud Losses
Annual Fraud Increase
Account Fraud Victim Abandonment Rate
70 days
Average Time to Detect Fraud

Verosint's Solution Approach

Harness the power of AI with Verosint

Bring AI Insights Into Action

Transform your team into AI-backed fraud fighting experts. Stay one step ahead of fraud with real-time detection, targeted insights, and automated prevention while keeping you in control.

Discover Hidden Fraud

Gain instant visibility into account fraud scope and impact. Connect in minutes via secure APIs to discover hidden fraud and bad actors already on your platform.
Discover Hidden Fraud in your Platform with Verosint
Prevent Fraud Attacks with Verosint

Prevent New Attacks

Leverage AI insights as your powerful fraud fighting partner,
analyzing millions of risk signals, investigating fraud patterns, and identifying new attacks in real-time.

Block Before Damage Is Done

Automate workflows and optimize efficiencies to block or challenge high risk accounts before they do harm, while rewarding legitimate customers with a frictionless experience.
Block fraud before the damage is done with Verosint.

Business Outcomes We Deliver

Stopping account and platform fraud generates company-wide benefits by increasing trust, customer satisfaction, and efficiencies across your business.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Immediate and accurate results combining risk intelligence networks, account activity data and AI behavioral analytics.

Grow Trust and Assurance

Foster trust to grow your customer base and expand engagement on your platform.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Rapidly become fraud fighting experts with AI-driven speed, efficiency and scale while keeping you in control.

Improve Customer Experience

Block fraudsters while giving legitimate customers a fast and easy user experience.

Fight Fraud Wherever Needed

Stop persistent and creative adversaries by deploying fast across web, mobile and legacy apps.

Evolve and Adapt Fast

Detect and investigate new fraud with AI and custom risk signals and profiles tailored to your business.
How We're Different

What Makes Verosint So Powerful

Only Verosint stops account fraud in real-time with SignalPrint™. By combining multi-layered insights from aggregated risk intelligence, your account activity data, plus AI-powered behavioral analytics, SignalPrint tailors an optimal balance of security and customer experience for your users and business.
How SignalPrint Works | Verosint

Delivering Day 1 Value

Connect your existing authentication and identity management system and go.
No software to install. Activate Verosint via secure APIs.
See your account fraud scope and impact in minutes.
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