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If account security isn't properly strengthened, your digital business is at risk. We can help.

The Verosint Platform

Digital Account Fraud Detection & Prevention

Confidently interact with customers no matter what device they’re using and ensure that only legitimate users gain access. Verosint helps your customers enjoy a seamless, low-friction transaction path while stopping suspicious users before they login or create a new account.
A server, phone, watch, and browser

Cross Platform, Server Side Data Collection

A world map showing risk signals across different countries

Real Time Risk Intelligence

A laptop with rules being evaluated on the screen

Frictionless Security Automation

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Proactive, Persistent Fraud Discovery

Our patent-pending technology leverages machine learning to analyze events, risk signals and historical activity transforming millions of data points into actionable insights.

Automated Fraud Prevention

Cloud-native and built to scale, Verosint works in the background to assess risk and orchestrate account security and fraud controls so quickly, you’ll never know we were there. 
Verotist | Rules Engine - Expression and Outcome

A Flexible Platform for the Digital World

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan free for 30 days.
The fraud detection capabilities are built on the robust Verosint platform that runs in the cloud for rapid deployment, scale and data protection. Verosint makes it easy to be protected within hours.

Integrate in minutes, not months

Ensure 24x7 account fraud prevention by integrating the Risk Decision Engine into your application. Verosint is open, extensible, and configurable and plugs directly into your ecosystem.  

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Whether you’re ready to get ahead of account takeover attacks, stop new account fraud in its tracks or ensure only the right people get access to your applications and systems, Verosint can help.
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