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Our Mission

We’re committed to protecting businesses from the rapidly growing threat of account and platform fraud, and have created an innovative Fraud Intelligence Platform that’s proven and effective for real-time fraud detection and prevention.

We believe that real-time threat detection is an essential pre-requisite to preempt fraud, and that quickly revealing fraudulent actors is the best way to stay ahead of fraudulent actions and changing tactics. We’re committed to creating a platform that’s fast and easy to implement, and embeds cybersecurity best practices and AI so that almost any team can quickly become fraud fighting experts.

We see our journey as a success every time we safeguard our customers from a new attack, and are welcomed as a trusted partner in their overall success.

Our Solution

Our fraud intelligence platform covers the lifecycle of fraud discovery, prevention and security workflow optimization, all with AI-driven automation and efficiency. It’s a purpose-built solution to stop account and platform fraud in real-time by combining the insights from risk intelligence networks, account activity data, and AI analytics.
Discover, prevent, and optimize with Verosint.

Our Leadership

Verosint was co-founded by two identity industry veterans with careers that span decades of experience with successful startups and publicly traded software companies. Verosint staff includes engineering, sales and marketing leaders with backgrounds in fraud prevention, cybersecurity, identity management, and a range of leading B2B SaaS companies. 
Steve headshot
Steve Shoaff
CEO & Co-founder
Mark headshot
Mark Batchelor
CTO & Co-founder
Travis Favaron
Travis Favaron
VP of Product
Kristen Headshot
Kristen Komatz
VP of Engineering
Jason Bonds
Jason Bonds
VP of Sales
Samantha Wenzel
Samantha Wenzel
Our Investors

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