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Our Mission

What happens when you take identity experts and point them at online account fraud? In short, Verosint. At our core, we are anti-fraud agents, data scientists, identity experts and risk and cybersecurity professionals who have come together with a common mission: to stop account fraud before it starts. 

Verosint fights online fraud using the power of verifiable open-source intelligence (OSINT), machine learning, behavioral analytics, and user fingerprinting to facilitate real-time digital defense at scale. 

With Verosint, you can confidently and securely accelerate your business leaving uncertainty and chaos behind.

Our Technology

Our innovative fraud detection and prevention platform is designed for online businesses to fight persistent account level fraud. Built for today’s digitized world, Verosint validates identities across mobile and web devices and performs at the highest levels of speed and scalability required to effectively support today’s digitally-native consumer demands.
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Our Leadership Team

Verosint was co-founded by two identity industry veterans – each with over 25 years of experience in the space, and is backed by leading investment firms. Our leadership team shares a common set of values and goals when it comes to developing technology that scales for today’s digital world. 
Steve headshot
Steve Shoaff
CEO & Co-founder
Mark headshot
Mark Batchelor
CTO & Co-founder
Travis Favaron
Travis Favaron
VP of Product
Kristen Headshot
Kristen Komatz
VP of Engineering
Jason Bonds
Jason Bonds
VP of Sales
Samantha Wenzel
Samantha Wenzel
Our Investors

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