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Real Time Account Fraud Prevention

Verosint enables those responsible for Security, Fraud and Compliance to become real-time fraud fighting experts though automation and AI. Get started and obtain actionable business results in minutes.
Real Time Account Fraud Prevention with Verosint

Platform Summary

The Verosint Platform

A purpose-built solution to stop modern account fraud and protect your platform so you can improve trust, efficiency and customer satisfaction to grow your business.
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Automated Fraud Discovery

Auto-discover fraud already on your platform in minutes via secure APIs

Gain instant visibility into account fraud scope and impact - initial results may shock you

Obtain actionable data to classify accounts by risk profile

Import prior historical data and get immediate results – no need to wait or train models

Save weeks or months of manual investigation and verification effort

Discover Hidden Fraud in your Platform with Verosint

AI Powered Fraud Prevention

Identify fraud patterns, risk signals and anomalies across real-time event streams and millions of data points

Boost fraud team investigation efficiency and accuracy with immediate insights to resolve cases quickly

Examine accounts risks and linkages by email, IP address, phone, and more

Incorporate custom risk signals, profiles and account tagging for your unique use cases and business model

AI Powered Account Fraud Prevention

Automate Workflows and Optimize Efficiency

Automate and orchestrate security workflows to block fraudsters at your door

Recognize legitimate customers and give them the fastest, easiest user experience

Use multi-factor authentication and identity proofing only when needed to reduce costs and friction

Optimize continuously by monitoring detected risks,
fraudulent attempts, deployed prevention measures, and more

Deploy fast with no code required to install on webpages, applications or user devices

Automate Fraud prevention with Verosint

“The most prevalent types of fraud businesses, non-profit
organizations, and government agencies experience today
are account takeover and account opening fraud.”

Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform, April 25, 2023