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The Verosint Platform

Detect and Prevent Account Fraud 

Enable your customer journey with trusted convenience that accelerates growth while minimizing risk. Verosint’s online fraud detection and prevention platform helps digital businesses to serve customers with less friction and stronger account security. 
A login screen showing account takeover and account sharing attempts being detected

Real Time Account Fraud Detection


Cross Platform Protection

Works for any browser or mobile device - even when in incognito mode.

Server Side Data Collection

Generate a unique identifier for any user before they’ve logged in.

Real Time Risk Intelligence

Verosint quickly correlates millions of data points to compile a SignalPrint™, a unique identifier combined with a risk score.

Frictionless Security Automation

Leveraging rules-based workflows, Verosint facilitates seamless access for recognized, low-risk users while orchestrating challenges for unknown or high-risk attempts.

Proactive, Persistent Fraud Discovery

SignalPrint™, our patent-pending technology, combines cross-platform (or channel) and device identification with machine learning. Verosint analyzes events, risk signals and historical activity transforming millions of data points into actionable insights to help identify risky users from legitimate ones before they login. Learn more about Fraud Detection.

SignalPrint™ Identity Graph

Recognize and score legitimate customers for streamlined interactions while adding friction for suspicious users.

Verified OSINT

Pair your inside risk signals with open source intelligence to gain a holistic, real-time view of risk.

Server Side Processing

Eliminate dependency on browsers or devices you don’t control.
Risk Decision Engine

Automated Fraud Prevention 

Cloud-native and built to scale, Verosint works in the background to assess risk and orchestrate account security and fraud controls so quickly, you’ll never know we were there. Using risk score and real-time signal analysis, Verosint drives appropriate workflows through your authentication flows saving your team time and minimizing friction when possible. Learn more about Fraud Prevention.

Risk Signal Orchestration

Orchestrate signals in real time to make better decisions. Tune and test signals to suit your needs.

Rules Templates

Leverage pre-defined rules or build your own to your needs.


Investigate and discover new trends, identify opportunities for automation and understand how your fraud prevention efforts are working

Integrate in Minutes, Not Months

Ensure 24x7 account fraud prevention by integrating the Verosint’s Risk Decision Engine into your application. Verosint strengthens your existing platforms by providing actionable insights to inform account security orchestration.
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Auth0 Integration

Capture events and protect your login with our Auth0 action.
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Ping Integration

Incorporate risk, fraud detection, and our complex rules engine right into your flows with our Davinci Connector.
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RadiantLogic Integration

Use Verosint fraud data at any point of authentication and integration for any Radiant Logic customer.
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LDAP Integration

Automate risk signals in your user directory with our LDIF files for any LDAP server configuration.
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Verosint CLI

A capable CLI that can be installed on any system that supports Go.
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Verosint API

Easily send events and evaluate rules from any application environment using our API.

How It Works

Marketecture diagram of the Verosint platform.

“50% of data breaches were enabled through user credentials in 2022.”1


The Power of the Verosint Platform

Minimize Account Blind Spots

Accurately identify digital users across channels - from mobile devices to web browsers and even those in incognito mode.

Activate Your Digital Guard Shack

Distinguish between legitimate users and potential high-risk accounts using the power of OSINT, a critical component of modern intelligence, and investigative tools.

Get Ahead of Fraud 

Detect potential fraud incidents early beginning at the point of login before events escalate to malicious attacks, abuse, financial loss, or data breaches.

Reduce Manual Effort

Automated scoring and fraud mitigation actions to free your team from tedious reviews and manual efforts while minimizing human error.

Stay Secure at Scale 

Handle high volumes of digital users and spikes in traffic. During peak workloads, you can serve your customers without causing friction.

Deploy in Minutes Not Months

Because Verosint is a SaaS platform that’s easy to configure and quick-to-implement, you won’t need an army of people to get up and running. You can go from unprotected to protected in just 20 minutes. 

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Whether you’re ready to get ahead of account takeover attacks, stop new account fraud in its tracks or ensure only the right people get access to your applications and systems, Verosint can help.
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