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Careers at Verosint

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Join our mission of enabling trusted online experiences and stopping account fraud before it starts.

 With a shared commitment to innovation, openness and collaboration, our leadership team is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence. 

Remote Collaboration 

Our team is 100% remote. We use a wide variety of tools to collaborate effectively, ensuring that our team can work from anywhere without sacrificing productivity or quality.

Trusted Teamwork

To strengthen our bonds and align on our goals, we bring everyone together in the same location a couple of times a year to brainstorm, strategize and teambuild. 

Flexible Adaptability 

We are open to trying new ways of working in an effort to stay effective and efficient while delivering the highest quality solutions to the market.


We’re proud to offer benefits that help our team perform at their best while having a safety net in times of need. Verosint provides a range of benefits including:
Competitive Compensation
Team Gatherings
Unlimited PTO Policy
100% employer covered health care plans
No commute