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AI Insights

Unprecedented Visibility and Intelligence Into User Accounts

See the big picture and focus quickly on insights you need to know to stay ahead of fraud and emerging risks.
Verostint AI Insights | Unprecedented Visibility and Intelligence Into User Accounts

Full visibility into your user base and account activity

Discover behavioral patterns, risks and anomalies in real-time

Identify advanced attacks and account fraud tactics before downstream damage occurs

Immediate insights across massive user bases and event streams 

Verosint AI Insights |  Unmatched visibility and clarity into account activity

Intelligent dashboards to pinpoint risks and provide insights 

Verosint AI Insights | Intelligent dashboards to pinpoint risks and insights 

Focus immediately on the anomalies, risks and insights discovered 

Conveniently drill down to the underlying data and analysis behind the insights

Enable teams to quickly investigate risk patterns and fraud across your user base

Focus your time and resources on the most critical risks and threats

Elevate fraud discovery with a real-time response

Verosint AI automatically creates security rules to block newly discovered fraud patterns

Customize prebuilt security rules or create your own from scratch

Leverage Verosint Fraud Prevention to deploy rules and automate security workflows

Verosint AI Insights | Elevate Fraud Discovery with a Real-Time Response

Respond with the level of autonomy that’s right for you

Automate Fraud prevention with Verosint

Choose your desired mix of manual, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous security responses 

Keep humans in the loop where needed while leveraging the power and automation of AI 

Select fully autonomous modes to respond immediately to new threats right as they emerge

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