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Verosint Account Fraud Discovery

Proactive, Persistent and Predictive

Automatically analyze each and every user before and during login or account registration to monitor for potential account fraud risk. Get visibility to make better account security decisions in real-time without slowing down your trusted users.
Verosint Fraud Dashboard
Fraud Insights

Gain Visibility into Potential Fraud

A set of dashboards that bring all your data into a single place.

Analyze Any Date Range

See your dashboards for any period of time with easy filters for common ranges.

Cluster Analysis

Heartbeat to Know You're Connected

Recent API activity gives you the confidence that your integration is operational.
Identity Event Ingestion

Build Your Identity Graph

Verosint combines server-side data about the user with behavioral analytics to create a unique identifier for each user. As users access web applications over time, SignalPrint captures patterns of behavior and uses them to determine the likelihood of risk.

Real Time Event Ingestion

Verosint makes data collection simple by integrating to access management tools and analytics systems, letting you build your SignalPrint graph in real time.

Data Enrichment

Each user’s identifier is enriched with open source intelligence (OSINT) data points to generate a holistic profile of the user and a set of risk signals based on data analysis.

Custom Tagging

Enrich the graph with your own risk data by tagging accounts.


Quickly import of historical data so you have a foundation of fraud knowledge on day one.
SignalPrint™ Explorer

Explore Your Identity Graph

SignalPrint Explorer makes it easy to see all the connections between accounts and their prints.

Filter Your View

Quickly filter your graph to only show nodes that have specific fraud or risk signals.


Know who you are looking for? Search by email, account ID, IP, or phone number to quickly find them.

Highlighted Risks

On each panel, we alert you to any risks you should be considering.

See Connected IPs, Emails, and Phones

Browse all the previously used IPs, phones or emails for any account.
Dashboard mockup

A Flexible Platform for the Digital World

The fraud detection capabilities are built on the robust Verosint platform that runs in the cloud for rapid deployment, scale and data protection. Verosint makes it easy to be protected within hours.