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Verosint Fraud Prevention

Dynamic, Automated and Seamless

By assessing risk signals, machine learning and customizable rules Verosint helps to enforce proper security flows to prevent access for bad actors and facilitate seamless access for your trusted users.
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Security Orchestration

Protected in Minutes, Not Months

By integrating rules seamlessly with Verosint’s automated fraud labels, you can create access pathways and security flows any time a label is detected.

Rule Templates

To simplify and speed deployment, Verosint offers a full library of rule templates designed to mitigate risk and block potential account fraud automatically.

No-code integrations

Connect rules to your login flows in minutes with supported IAM partners

API Integrations

Integrate rules into any authentication system with our simple rules API

Actionable Reporting

Verosint’s reporting gives you a clear view of how your users are being analyzed, what fraud or risk is being detected, and how your prevention measures are working.
Risk Signal Verification

Signals at your fingertips

Rules let you assess risk signals in real time, including things like use of VPNs, disposable emails, banned IP addresses, risk country checks, and many more.

Block tor nodes

Identify users accessing your app through a Tor node

Detect VPN usage

Know when your user is on a VPN

Check for valid phone numbers

See if a phone number is valid and allowed to make calls

MFA on impossible travel

Step up to MFA when impossible travel is detected without a VPN

Stop multiple account sign ups

Trigger workflows for multiple account offenders

Detect email aliases

Orchestrate new flows if someone is using an email alias to look new and unique

Rules by location

Filter out countries you don’t do business with

Rules by device type

Incorporate device information into your rules

Detect disposable emails

Detect thousands of disposable email providers

Rules for free email providers

Keep free email domains for registering for your app

Domain checks

Have real time access to domain registry information

Upsell account sharing

Build rules that trigger when account sharing is detected
Rules Engine

Tailor to your exact specifications

To meet the specific needs of your business, Verosint offers customizable rules to define the parameters by which the user can access systems and data.

Custom outcomes

Allow, Deny, or something in between with our ability to write any custom outcome you need for a rule

Easy rule testing

Quickly evaluate your rules to make sure they do what you intend without ever leaving the browser

Return the Reason

Know why something passed or failed a rule with the ability to write human readable reasons
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A Flexible Platform for the Digital World

The fraud detection capabilities are built on the robust Verosint platform that runs in the cloud for rapid deployment, scale and data protection. Verosint makes it easy to be protected within hours.