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Free Account Fraud Risk Assessment

A collage of Verosint Fraud Signals charts and graphics.
Give us 24 hours* and we’ll return a list of potential bad actors and suspicious accounts. You’ll learn where account fraud may exist in your marketplace or systems. We will identify potential account takeovers, account sharing, duplicate accounts, and more.
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Verosint can help you to:

Get actionable fraud risk intelligence across the accounts on your platform today.
Detect account fraud at the point of registration and login.
Ingest historical data to identify fraud.
Identify subtle signs of risk indicating a user is a potential bad actor.
Analyze logins and registrations at scale—without inconveniencing users.
Automate the analysis of millions of events to speed risk detection.
Integrate in minutes with your existing security stack for immediate protection.
*Timing and availability of this offer varies based on the existing authentication or identity verification system in use.

Get Your FREE Assessment

Seamless, one-click integrations with leading identity security applications.

Accelerate growth while minimizing risk.

Automated fraud detection and prevention in the battle against persistent account fraud.

New Account Fraud

Onboard new customers with confidence while fighting one of the fastest growing types of online fraud—new account fraud.

Account Takeovers

Protect your customers by preventing fraudsters from using stolen credentials to break into your legitimate customer accounts.

Account Sharing

Identify when a single account is being shared by more than one person enabling you to proactively address revenue loss.

"50% of data breaches were enabled through user credentials in 2022."

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 2022

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