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An Identity Proofing Solution
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ID Dataweb + Verosint


ID Dataweb is a leading provider of Identity Proofing solutions. Together with Verosint, you can run Adaptive Identity Proofing, a feature that lets you trigger identity proofing based on risk and fraud signals and store a verified SignalPrint when the proofing is successful.

How It Works

Through the Verosint rules engine, you can configure identity proofing to be triggered under any circumstance. Common flows include high risk new users or combatting an account takeover attempt during a login flow.

Once the proofing workflow is triggered, the flexible ID Dataweb proofing takes over, allowing you to customize the proofing workflow to your business needs. You can do phone number address verification, document-based verification and many others.

Once a proofing is successful, Verosint automatically records the SignalPrint that completed the proof as a verified SignalPrint. You can then check for all future logins how far a user has deviated from their verified SignalPrint to see when you need to trigger another challenge.  


To learn more about how to configure the ID Dataweb integration with Verosint to power your adaptive identity proofing flows, see our Integrating with ID DataWeb documentation

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