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10 Questions - Q&A with Jay Bollinger

An exclusive interview with Verosint’s Senior Product Manager, Jay Bollinger.
Written by
Verosint Team
Published on
September 22, 2023

Tell us a little about your background and its relevance to your work here at Verosint.

I started my career in traditional finance and then moved to the tech startup space, mostly working at fintechs. I have tackled a variety of account fraud types in both consumer and business contexts, including traditional bank scams, credit card payments and even crypto-related fraud! This is what I bring to Verosint.

What kind of leadership do you bring to the team?

Even though my title has the word “manager” in it, product managers typically collaborate with people who don’t report to them. To build the best products, I focus on building trust, leading by example, and communicating a shared vision for what our team is building and why. Collaboration and influence are my keys to achieving the best outcomes.

Why did you decide to join Verosint?

Our founders and their incredible vision for discovering and preventing fraud. I worked closely with Mark Batchelor at Chainalysis, so when he started his own company, I knew I wanted to join him. I had not met Steve prior to my interview, but I was completely blown away by our conversation! He had a very focused and clear vision for Verosint, and he also gave me authentic answers to some tough leadership style questions. Joining Verosint has been the best career decision to date.

How do you approach building and leveraging relationships with key stakeholders?

I focus on understanding stakeholder motivations, building trust and aligning on a shared vision for success. This involves defining distinct roles in achieving our goals. For example, collaborating with Sales means gathering customer insights and equipping them with the tools to showcase Verosint’s strengths. When working with our engineers, I’m responsible for what we build and why while they are focused on how we build it - fostering an ongoing dialogue with input from all perspectives.

What is your superpower that will help you succeed at helping our team put an end to account fraud?

Getting to the heart of the customer problem. I love listening to customer feedback because the more deeply I can understand their challenges, the better our products will be at solving those problems. For example, investigating account fraud can be very time consuming and often a manual process for compliance and support teams. I not only want to hand these teams tools that will help them quickly and effectively investigate fraud, I want to automate the process where it makes sense so they’re spending their time for more critical tasks.

What’s your favorite feature of the Verosint platform?

We will be releasing a new product soon that allows customers to quickly discover and investigate potential fraud when looking across user activity. We are making it easier to find that needle in the haystack. Stay tuned - it’s coming soon!

What makes Verosint’s engineering team different/better/unique from other teams you’ve worked with in the past?

The Verosint Engineering team is amazing! What makes them different, better, and unique is that they are 1) extremely customer focused and product oriented, 2) very experienced, which means they have a lot of expertise, ask great questions, and move super fast, and 3) very talented yet humble professionals who are a ton of fun to work and hang out with. And they’re led by Kristen Komatz, who is a phenomenal engineering leader. I feel very privileged to work with this team.

Have you ever been the victim of fraud?

Thankfully nothing big, but we’re all familiar with the feeling of panic that rises when you spot unauthorized credit card charges, or get emails from products you use saying their systems were hacked and your account was compromised. I also worry often about my parents (who are not tech savvy) being tricked into revealing information that could lead to their life savings disappearing in an instant.

The current approach to fraud prevention is typically doing something after the fact – after the account has been breached, after the individual has been scammed and the money’s gone. Stopping account fraud before it starts is what motivates and excites me about the work I do at Verosint.

Share about your family or hobbies.

My husband and I went to the same college, but met after we both graduated. I thought our first meeting was an opportunity for me to learn more about an internship he had done previously; he thought it was a “set up.” 😂

We are new(ish) parents to a toddler and a newborn, who definitely keep us on our toes. In what little free time I have, I like to go rock climbing (mostly indoors at my local climbing gym). We also love spending time outdoors with the kids as much as possible.

Where do you live, and what’s your favorite part about your area?

I live in the suburbs of New Jersey, a few hours outside of NYC. Not only is it a great place to raise our kids, I love to cook so living in the Garden State is pretty amazing. There are a ton of farms and seasonal markets nearby with amazingly fresh produce. And if instead I’m craving a really great food scene, I’m just an hour and a half from NYC. Win-win!

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