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8 Questions with Verosint’s Head of Product

An exclusive interview with Verosint's VP of Product, Travis Favaron.
Written by
Travis Favaron
Published on
May 18, 2023

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Travis Favaron, our Vice President of Product at Verosint. Travis leads the technology roadmap and product strategy for our industry-leading online account fraud detection and prevention solution. With extensive experience as a B2B SaaS product leader, Travis approaches life with an entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, and an intense drive to solve problems and explore new pathways.

Let's dive deeper and get to know this inspiring product leader, Travis.

What about your past experience at Bypass are you finding relevant to your work here at Verosint?

Most recently, I was at Bypass, an enterprise point-of-sale company. I joined as the first product hire and stayed in key product roles through Bypass’ acquisition by Fiserv. During that time, I learned how to successfully grow a product quickly, build high-availability products, handle complex enterprise technology ecosystems, and effectively integrate with other tools. All of this is coming into play for the challenges we are helping Verosint’s customers address today.

How do you approach building and maintaining relationships with key clients and stakeholders?

One of my favorite parts about product management is getting to connect with customers and users of the product. I love to ask many questions, especially the question, “Why?”. A few ways I stay connected are by listening to open feedback we receive about how the product is or isn’t working, and soliciting feedback on upcoming features and designs from key customers.

Why did you decide to join Verosint?

I love to work on meaningful problems. When I met Steve Shoaff for the first time, it was clear to me that Verosint was targeting a problem that has a serious impact. Getting to join at the early stages of the company, build a team, and shape a solution for this growing problem of account fraud is an exciting opportunity for me!

What’s your favorite feature of the Verosint platform?

My favorite feature is one of our newest – Fraud Insights. We spent a lot of time thinking about giving our customers a more actionable and convenient way to see their SignalPrint data from a high level and relate it to their goals for better security and lower risk. This gives customers the power to make informed decisions and take swift actions to prevent fraudulent activities.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge for digital businesses today?

We are seeing account fraud accelerate every year, and unfortunately, I think the growth is just getting started. As payment systems get better and better at nullifying credit card fraud, accounts are the next best target for attackers. Stopping these attacks will take more than just requiring users to use stronger or more complex authentication methods.

Have you ever been the victim of account fraud, esp account fraud? Or, what account fraud story in the news really hit close to home for you?

More than a decade ago, I got a notice from a notes application that I was using that they had been compromised and my password was stolen. My heart sank because I had been meaning to switch to unique passwords for different accounts for a while and just hadn’t made the time to do it. So right after checking my bank account while holding my breath (thankfully, it was not compromised), I signed up for a password manager, changed dozens of passwords, and never looked back.

I still sometimes think about that afternoon as a reminder that even someone who is aware and fairly savvy with security and technology is still at risk of being lazy.

Share about your family or hobbies

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have a young son and two dogs. My interests include sports, particularly soccer and football, as well as photography. I've always been passionate about capturing landscapes and travel destinations through the lens.

Where do you live and what’s your favorite part about your area?

I've been living in Austin, Texas for a while now, and what I love most about this city is its vibrant and active atmosphere. Though it's no longer the "small town with big city benefits," Austin still boasts amazing eateries and numerous opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. If you ever visit Austin, make sure to catch an Austin FC match at Q2 Stadium. The electrifying energy and passion in the stadium are indescribable.

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Travis Favaron

Travis is the VP of product at Verosint and is responsible for the technology roadmap and product strategy helping to guide development of the industry’s most effective online account fraud detection and prevention solution. As an experienced B2B SaaS Product leader, Travis led product management for early stage startup, Bypass, where he helped grow the company from its beginnings to a strategic acquisition. He lives life with an entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity with an intense drive to solve problems, try new pathways and challenge himself.