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Fraud Detection and Prevention
for Shipping and Logistics Marketplaces

All the Verification You Need to Keep Things Moving.

B2B marketplaces for shipping/logistics and other services have become increasingly attractive targets for fraudsters. A big part of the double-brokering problem is that stringent verification methods designed to repel fraudsters also run the risk of running off customers.

By contrast, Verosint achieves that rare balance of providing all the strong fraud detection and prevention measures—while still making it easy for legitimate customers to get their business done.
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"Ensuring a safe, secure, and scalable network for our customers is DAT’s top priority. Innovating closely with our customers on our fraud-prevention program is already yielding substantial results. Verosint’s identity-centric platform combined with DAT’s data and AI capabilities takes identity verification to a new level – a first in the industry." -Satish Maripuri, CEO and president, DAT

YoY global increase in
shipping fraud in 2021


Value of freight impacted by “double brokering” fraud


Of annual B2B revenue
lost to fraud

Verosint: Cutting a Big Fraud Problem Down to Size

It’s no wonder the fraud problem in shipping/logistics and other B2B marketplaces has grown so big—after all, fraudsters know that’s where they’ll find more money, larger transactions, and countless offers of lines of credit.

After gaining online access to companies via account fraud, they rob them by creating fake companies, using account takeovers, hijacking legitimate seller accounts, and other nefarious actions. And with companies in the logistics and shipping world, relying on slow, unreliable manual tools for verification is making it difficult to fight back.

That’s where Verosint comes in.

Verosint enables shipping and logistics marketplaces to:

Detect account fraud at the point of registration and login.
Ingest historical data to identify fraud.
Identify subtle signs of risk indicating a user is a potential bad actor.
Analyze logins and registrations at scale—without inconveniencing users.
Automate the analysis of millions of events to speed risk detection.
Allow seamless access for recognized low-risk users while blocking high-risk users.
Proactively proof suspicious accounts.
Case in Point:

Combatting Double Brokering

Verosint recently intervened on behalf of a large online marketplace for on-demand freight delivery, where fraudulent actors were using the platform to commit scams. The marketplace had always investigated fraud losses manually and had no way to automatically detect and preempt fraud. With Verosint’s no-code integration with the company’s Auth0 IAM platform, they can leverage adaptive identity proofing to proof suspicious accounts, raising friction only when necessary selectively.
The result? Faster action to stop fraud and fewer losses to fraudulent activity.

Verosint: Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

We offer a simple, straightforward process that shipping and logistics companies and other B2B marketplaces can use to stop account fraud:
Deploy Verosint’s cloud-based solution using a no-code integration with IAM technology.
Ingest log events to detect potential account fraud, analyzing millions of events within hours.
Identify examples of detected fraud, such as bots, duplicate and shared accounts, fake accounts for double-brokering, and suspicious logins.
Integrate with identity security technology to raise friction when risk is detected.