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Account Sharing Prevention and Detection

Stop Account Sharing and Revenue Loss

Account sharing on digital platforms is estimated to result in over $25 billion in lost revenue. And it's not only popular streaming services. From movie-theater tickets to digital media and more, the model of a set monthly fee for unlimited consumption leaves all kinds of businesses wide open to account sharing losses.

Fortunately, Verosint provides real-time detection and prevention to close the door on nonpaying guests.
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2 in 5

Number of consumers who share their streaming logins


Annual losses in membership revenue due to account sharing

Source: Statista

Netflix accounts opened per day after shared account crackdown

Source: CNBC
The Impact of Account Sharing

Not Just Sharing - There's Fraud Too.

That eye-popping $25 billion in lost revenue sounds like a lot, but keep in mind it isn’t just attributable to people who aren’t paying their own way. It’s also tied to the increased fraud risk that account sharing creates. Think about it: the more times a person shares their account credentials, the more people there are out there using those same credentials—and the more opportunities they’re providing for fraudsters to discover, steal and resell them.
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The Problem with Account Sharing

Shared Accounts Hurt Everyone

The financial hit to companies whose accounts are being shared is perhaps the best-known consequence of account sharing. But it’s not the only problem, and they’re not the only ones affected.
Loss of subscription revenue affects companies operating on a subscription model as well as the content creators whose revenue comes from subscriptions and views.
Increased security risks result when multiple people have access to one account; the more people using the same credentials, the higher chances those credentials may be stolen and leaked.
Degraded performance, including slow loading and excessive buffering, can happen when a digital streaming platform gets overcrowded due to too many users sharing one account.

The Unique Challenges of Detecting Account Sharing

The biggest problem with account sharing is that it’s extremely difficult to tell when it’s happening. If your company allows account sharing within, but not beyond, a household, how can you tell which is which? Is that login in another city a family member who happens to be traveling, or an old college buddy getting a free ride? And is the person entering a password a legitimate account holder or someone using someone else’s credentials? In these kinds of situations, traditional authentication and browser fingerprinting methods are just not that effective.

Verosint: We See What You Don’t—and Address What Others Can’t

When it comes to fighting account sharing, Verosint stands apart, with advanced identification and detection, as well as authentication that makes access harder for unauthorized users and fraudsters—but easier and less cumbersome for legitimate users.
Advanced detection techniques combine behavioral analytics, OSINT data and Verosint’s unique SignalPrint technology to reliably distinguish legitimate users from problematic ones—before login.
Multi-layered authentication adds an adaptive layer to authentication and identity verification processes, so that authentication is easier or harder based on the level of risk the user poses.
Customizable rules allow you to define the parameters by which users gain access; you can write custom outcomes for rules, and quickly test and evaluate rules to be sure they do what you intend.
Automated responses enable you to set up rules that trigger responses based on specific access scenarios that you’ve defined.
Real-time monitoring keeps constant tabs on access attempts, automatically generating alerts and notifications of problematic activities, so you can take proactive steps before any harm results.
With Verosint, you can keep account sharing activity from slipping through the cracks—which means less interruption to your revenue stream, and more opportunity for legitimate business. It’s worth noting that after Netflix cracked down on account sharing, signups soared in the days after, with at least two days when 100,000 new accounts per day were opened.