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Ban Evasion Prevention and Detection

How To Make an Account Ban Stick

When a user account violates terms of service, commits platform fraud, or otherwise behaves in ways that are contrary to appropriate behavior, you can ban the user account from your platform. That’s the easy part. The hard part is preventing the bad actor from coming back with a new account.

Verosint discovers ban evasion attempts in real-time and prevents new account fraud before it can start.
Ban Evasion Fraud Detection

Percentage of ban evasion successfully identified by Reddit moderators

1.3 billion

Number of accounts banned by Facebook over one 3-month period

Source: Forbes
How ACCOUNT Ban Evasion Happens

What’s That Banned Account Still Doing There?

If there’s a way to evade an account ban, banned users will figure it out. Regaining access can be as simple as creating a new account with different user details or even just persuading a friend to share their legitimate account credentials. More sophisticated tactics include using proxy servers and VPNs to hide IP addresses or manipulating browser configurations and other details to create the appearance of a different device. Whatever the workaround, preventing further abuse and fraud depends upon real-time detection and prevention.
Ban Evasion Fraud Detection
The Impact of Ban Evasion Fraud

Ban Evasion Leads to Trouble for Everybody

Allowing account ban evasion is bad for business.
The consequences extend to the organization and its legitimate users.
For the organization: Ban evasion can result in banned accounts spamming, scamming or harassing legitimate users. Ultimately, this can result in an erosion of consumer trust if ban evasion becomes prevalent on a platform.
For the banned user: Consequences include time and effort wasted trying to get around the ban, especially when platforms implement advanced measures that make it harder to evade bans.

Verosint Keeps Banned Accounts Out For Good

Banned users are nothing if not persistent, especially if fraud is the goal of their efforts. They may be deactivated and flagged as problem accounts, but they can usually find a way back in. That’s where the value of Verosint becomes clear.

Based on login tracking and analysis, Verosint can determine if:
  • A banned user is accessing the platform from multiple accounts
  • The user attempts a new account for access but with slightly different information
  • Detect a different but linked account from a banned device
And because access context is as important as a username or email address, Verosint enables you to:
  • Easily implement rules that constantly evaluate the risk of a context change
  • Respond to risk by prompting for additional security, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or identity verification
  • Redirect to a customer-friendly message, such as “you already have an account here”
All actions are targetted only to ban evasion attempts and legitimate users will never be inconvenienced.