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real-time account fraud detection and prevention

Defend Your Marketplace Against Fraud.

Account fraud presents a tremendous ongoing challenge for both B2B and B2C marketplaces and digital trading platforms, where cybercriminals are relentless in their efforts to outsmart fraud safeguards. With revenue and customer trust at stake, you need a better way to constantly stay a step ahead of fraudsters, so they can’t gain a foothold.

Verosint is there to help meet the challenge. We automate the entire process of identifying risky accounts and stopping potential fraud—so you can verify legitimate accounts and ferret out bad actors fast.
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“Verosint proved to be highly accurate at finding fraudsters. We now have the confidence to automatically block fraudsters at registration, freeing up our team members to focus on our legitimate customers.” Satish Maripuri, CEO and president, DAT

Spending on B2B marketplace platforms to reach $3 trillion by 2027

Source: Forrester

Amount of annual B2B revenue lost to fraud


B2B sales are expected to be generated digitally

Source: Statista

Verosint: Thwarting Threats to Revenue and Reputation

Fraud is all too often a barrier to success in B2B marketplaces, where transactions are typically much larger and vendor credit lines are higher than in B2C settings. And it’s not just revenue that’s at stake; reputation will also suffer a serious blow when a marketplace fails to detect fraud or manage fraud risk.

Timely vetting of vendors is critical—but thorough verification to prevent fraud may add friction that alienates legitimate participants, posing further risk to reputation and financial success.
That’s why Verosint is your greatest ally in the fight against fraud.

With Verosint, B2B marketplaces can:

Use automation to manage fraud risk effectively and cost-efficiently
Easily identify and ban bad actors—and keep them from coming back
Minimize friction by enabling seamless access for low-risk users
Rapidly scale to handle millions of accounts and registration/login events
Quickly investigate and understand the scope of fraud in the marketplace
Track user activity and trends to get insights into fraud
Comply with regulatory requirements for risk management
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INFORM Compliance: We Can Help

The INFORM Consumers Act requires online marketplaces to take specific steps to verify high-volume third-party sellers. Those steps could help reduce fraud over the long term—but in the meantime, meeting the requirements may pose quite a challenge for smaller marketplaces with relatively fewer resources. Verosint’s intelligent account fraud detection and prevention platform can help cost-effectively mitigate fraud risk and give legitimate users a more seamless experience.
Enabling adaptive identity verification extends the life of user validation automating the process and ensuring your users are who they say they are.

Verosint: Making a Constant Battle Easier to Fight

Successfully protecting against fraud in today’s B2B marketplaces is a never-ending battle. Verosint provides tools that treat it as an ongoing concern:
Reporting and monitoring capabilities provide actionable analysis you can use to  protect your digital platform, investigate potential account fraud, and identify and ban bad actors.
Insight-centric focus helps you understand user behavior—activity, connections, and trends—and its meaning in the context of fraud.
Automation minimizes strain on staffers and speeds the user onboarding process while streamlining the process of identifying fraud and potential fraud, so you can address it quickly.
Adaptive authentication can be used to continually assess risk so that you challenge users at login only when access risk is high.