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Industries We Serve

Verosint serves a variety of industries that serve their customers online while fighting account fraud and delivering a seamless customer journey.

Shipping and Logistics

Lose Fraudsters, Not Customers

Verosint makes it tougher to commit fraud—without making it harder to conduct business by enabling shipping and logistics marketplaces to:
Detect account fraud at the point of registration and login
Identify potential bad actors
Automate analysis
Proof suspicious accounts


Protect Your Platform

No one can stop account fraud in digital marketplaces—but with Verosint, you can manage it successfully. We help you stay a step ahead with automated tools to:
Prevent, detect, investigate fraud
Verify accounts with minimal friction
Identify and ban bad actors
Manage fraud risk cost-effectively


Safeguard Education and Dismiss Fraudsters

Account fraud impacts school systems, their faculty and students in all areas from financial aid, admissions, records, and research. Verosint helps schools get an A+ in fraud detection and prevention to address:
Ghost students and fake accounts
Financial aid fraud
Admissions manipulation
Account takeovers

Financial Services

Trusted Convenience Customers Can Count On

Give your customers a frictionless online experience, minimize fraud operations costs, and stop criminals from robbing you of your most valuable asset: customer trust. Verosint helps modern financial services to detect account fraud such as:
Synthetic accounts
Fake accounts
Account takeovers 
Bots going after “free cash” referrals  

online gaming

All the Fun Without the Fraud

Eliminate disruptive cheaters and spam that impacts your players and your revenue. Verosint helps eliminate online gaming account fraud challenges such as: 
Bonus and promotion abuse via multi-accounting
In-game review manipulation
In-game economy inflation 
Stolen player assets
Auction house abuse
Gift card monetization

Gambling Sites

Stop Fraudsters from Tipping the Odds

Maintain customer loyalty with seamless onboarding while ensuring they’re accounts are safe with you. Verosint helps online gambling operations block threats and bad actors to prevent: 
Signup bonus, free trial and coupon exploits  
Account takeovers
Multi-accounting for arbitrage
Credential stuffing attacks  


Ensure Blockbuster Revenues & Reputations

Shared passwords cost billions in lost subscription revenue and streaming fraud costs just as much in artists’ royalties. Verosint helps online media sites detect fraud early and minimize losses by preventing:
Account sharing
Paywall circumventions
Synthetic accounts 
Account takeovers 
Bot attacks


Block Scalpers and Let Fans Enjoy the Show

Grant real show goers a smooth, low-friction transaction path while slowing access for suspicious users. Verosint enables e-ticketing marketplaces to detect and prevent account fraud such as:
Fake accounts for promo and coupon abuse
Ticket-buying bots
Credential stuffing
Account takeovers 
Fake accounts


Open Your Doors to Trusted Shopping

Lower your fraud operational costs while protecting your buyers and their online transactions Verosint helps e-marketplaces detect and prevent account fraud, including: 
Fake accounts for discount, promo and reviews abuse
Credential stuffing
Account takeovers 
Card cracking