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Industries Solutions

Verosint provides fraud detection and prevention across a variety of industries, protecting organizations from multiple types of account and platform fraud.

Shipping and Logistics

Stop Logistics Fraud, Not Customers

Verosint stops logistics fraud and industry-specific scams without making it harder to conduct business with legitimate customers by stopping:
Account takeover and credential stuffing
Account opening fraud
Account sharing and account ban evasion
Broker fraud, impersonations and scams


Protect Your Digital Marketplace

Prevent marketplace fraud and lower marketplace risk for your customers with Verosint. Outsmart fraudsters with AI-powered analytics so you can:
Detect and prevent platform fraud
Stop buyer/seller impersonation
Identify and ban bad actors
Stop refund scams, fake reviews and more


Safeguard Education and Dismiss Fraudsters

Stop fraud that impacts school systems and their faculty and students in areas from financial aid, admissions, records, and research:
Detect ghost students and fake accounts
Stop financial aid fraud
Admissions manipulation
Account takeovers and credential stuffing

Financial Services

Trust and Security Your Customers Can Count On

Maintain trust in your platform by detecting fraudsters in real-time while protecting legitimate customers and giving them a great experience:
Cost effective identity proofing
Account opening fraud
Account takeover prevention
Credential stuffing attacks  

online gaming

More Gaming Fun Without the Fraud

Eliminate disruptive fraudsters that detract from your players and revenue. Verosint helps eliminate online gaming account fraud including: 
Bonus and promotion abuse
In-game fake reviews
Auction manipulation and abuse
Stolen player assets

ONLINE Gambling

Stop Fraudsters from Manipulating the Odds

Block bad actors in real-time while enabling legitimate customers to maintain a smooth and seamless onboarding and gambling experience: 
Bonus, free trial and coupon abuse  
Account takeovers prevention
Odds manipulation and match fixing
Credential stuffing attacks  


Grow Revenues & Reputations

Prevent lost subscription revenue by detecting fraud in real-time to minimize losses and provide a great customer experience for paying customers:
Illicit account sharing
Paywall circumventions
Account ban evasion 
Account takeover prevention 


Stop Fraudsters and Let Fans Enjoy the Show

Provide customers with a smooth ad low-friction transaction experience while detecting and blocking before they can cause harm:
Free promotion and coupon abuse
Fake accounts
Credential stuffing attacks
Account takeovers prevention 


Safe and Trusted Shopping Experiences

Stop fraudsters from impacting your margins and harming the shopping experience for legitimate customers by detecting them in real-time: 
Free discount and promotion abuse
Account takeovers and credential stuffing
Refund scams, fake reviews and more 
E-commerce fraud prevention