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Use Cases

Verosint provides real-time, intelligent and automated fraud detection and prevention in the battle against persistent account fraud. With Verosint, online businesses can recognize and streamline access for legitimate customers, while blocking or challenging access by suspicious actors. 

New Account Fraud

Onboard new customers with confidence while fighting one of the fastest growing types of online fraud – new account fraud. 
Detect and prevent bot attacks, fake accounts, and synthetic accounts.
Stop fraudsters at the point of registration to prevent banking or credit card fraud.
Block duplicate accounts intended to abuse sign-up, referral, and free trial bonuses.
new account fraud
a phone showing an account takeover detection

Account Takeovers

Protect your customers by preventing fraudsters from using stolen credentials to break into your legitimate customer accounts.
Analyze the risk of account profile changes and use rules to prevent account takeovers via email and phone number changes.
Block fraudsters before they can make fraudulent purchases, withdraw funds, or disrupt your platform.
Protect customers from being blindsided by stolen credentials and maintain their trust in your platform and brand.

Account Sharing

Identify when a single account is being shared by more than one person enabling you to proactively address revenue loss. 
Analyze device, user, and account activity and spot patterns that indicate a shared password.
Take action to mitigate account sharing by requiring extra steps when a duplicate login is detected, such as generating an offer to upsell the customer to a paid account.
Get historical views of your account sharing events and track improvements over time.
A network of accounts being connected to the same individual
Dashboard mockup

Ban Evasion

Easily detect when a banned account is still active on your platform, and take action to stop it—without inconveniencing legitimate users.
Identify signs of banned accounts accessing platform content.
Use access context clues to assess the risk of ban evasion.
Raise the bar for access only when ban evasion risk is high.

Adaptive Identity Proofing

The industry’s first verified printing solution to boost identity assurance and mitigate account risk
Save money and user frustration by only proofing the users who require it.
Easily route users based on risk and fraud signals to different types of proofing workflows.
Verosint's Verified Prints allow you to keep a record of what the user's SignalPrint was when they completed the Identity Proofing workflow.
Adaptive Identity Proofing
Dashboard mockup

Adaptive Authentication

Verosint's adaptive authentication allows customers to dynamically challenge their users at login only when risk is high.
Design how each risky situation should be handled. Step up to MFA, CAPTCHA or even Deny the attempt.
Fit your specific needs perfectly with our ability to create entirely custom rules using any of Verosint's fraud and risk signals.
Select from our many expertly crafted rule templates so you don't have to invent your own defense.

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Whether you’re ready to get ahead of account takeover attacks, stop new account fraud in its tracks or ensure only the right people get access to your applications and systems, Verosint can help.
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