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Use Cases

Verosint provides real-time detection and prevention of a wide range of account and platform fraud use cases. The list below is not exhaustive, so contact Verosint to discuss further. 

Account Takeovers (ATO)

Protect your customers and maintain their trust by preventing the takeover of customer accounts through stolen credentials or brute force attacks.
Account takeover protection with real-time detection of bad actors and anomalous activity.
Automated workflows to enforce additional authentication and verification when risks are high.
Prevent takeovers and risky account changes before fraudsters can launch further downstream attacks.
a phone showing an account takeover detection
Verosint can block credential stuffing attacks.

Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing attacks are more advanced and get past edge protection services like CloudFlare and Fastly. Verosint can see when these attacks occur and block them where others can’t.
AI behavioral analytics that can detect attacker tools and attempts to mimic “real” internet users
Automated security workflows to block attacks or enforce additional authentication and verification steps
Ability to identify which accounts were affected by prior attacks

Account Opening Fraud

Stop account opening fraud to prevent free promotion abuse, buyer/seller impersonation, account farming and more. 
Detect and prevent fake account opening attempts at registration.
Use risk intelligence to challenge suspicious behavior with identity proofing.
Proactively stop abuse of sign-up promotions, referrals, free trial incentives and more.
new account fraud
Platform fraud image

Platform Fraud

Prevent fraudsters from abusing your digital platform and violating your Terms of Service through fraudulent scams, impersonations, collusions, and more.
Detect and prevent a wide range of industry-specific fraud tactics and scams
Identify and ban bad actors conducting fraud and/or impersonating multiple accounts
AI-based risk intelligence to discover and block organized fraud patterns and rings

Account Sharing

Prevent revenue loss from illicit account sharing by detecting when an account is being shared by more than one person. 
Detect device, user, and account activity that indicate account sharing.
Automate workflows to upsell, challenge or block detected activity.
Get historical views of account sharing activity and track improvements over time.
A network of accounts being connected to the same individual
Dashboard mockup

Account Ban Evasion

Prevent fraudsters from returning to your platform after they have been banned by automatically detecting and blocking their attempts.
Identify the users and devices behind banned accounts.
Track banned users and detect ban evasion attempts in real-time.
Use automated workflows to challenge or block new account creation.

Adaptive Identity Proofing

Improve customer experience and lower identity proofing costs by leveraging risk and fraud intelligence to require identity proofing only when necessary.
Risk detection and intelligence to require identity proofing only when needed.
Route users based on risk level to the appropriate adaptive authentication and identity proofing workflows.
Associate successful identity proofs to users and devices so additional identity proofing costs and user friction is avoided.
Adaptive Identity Proofing
Dashboard mockup

Adaptive Authentication

Optimize the user’s authentication experience so that friction at login is reduced when risks are low and further challenged when risks are high.
Leverage a wide range of adaptive authentication techniques including multi-factor authentication, CAPTCHA and more.
Automate security workflows with your existing Identity and Access Management system.
Leverage pre-built rules based on security best practices, or create your own custom rules built with Verosint’s fraud and risk signals.

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